Aesthetic Innovation Center

Treatment and price list (in Thai Baht).

  1. Botox treatment (Allergan®or Dysport®)
  • Forehead: 9,000
  • Glabella: 4,000
  • Crow feet and lower eyelid: 9,000
  • Neck line, neck band and Jaw line: 30,000
  • Chin: 4,000
  • Bunny line: 4,000
  • Masseter muscle reduction (for slim face): 18,000
  • Calf muscle reduction (for slim lower legs): 60,000
  • Hyperhidrosis (Axillar): 20,000
  1. Injectable filler (hyaluronic base filler, Juvederm® or Restylane®)

Dr. Puttipong has been recognized as a pioneer in using blunt-tip cannula for filler injection in Thailand since 2010.  His famous techniques are bone-touched injection with blunt cannula and Butterfly lift with filler.  He is now an international trainer teaching doctors for filler injection.

Price for Dr. Puttipong:  1st syringe (1ml/syringe):  35,000 and 30,000/syringe afterward.

Price for other doctors: 25,000/syringe.

Indication for filler injection

  • Non-surgical facial contouring
  • Non-surgical facial lifting
  • Bags and hollowness below the eyes.
  • Hollowness in cheek area, temple, forehead, and corner of the month.
  • Lips
  • Neck lines
  • Back of the hands.
  1. Skin Booster. 50,000/session

This treatment uses 2 syringes of cross-linked small particle size hyaluronic acid filler.  Injection plan is just underneath the skin.  Hyaluronic acid will keep the skin moist or so called hydro-balance.  The skin will be rejuvenated and become smooth and radiant.

  1. Fine thread lifting.

Dr. Puttipong is also the first doctor who introduced fine thread lifting in Thailand.      This technique is applied by insertion of a very small absorbent thread, made from PDO, into the skin.  During the process of degradation, these embedded threads will stimulate collagen synthesis and then lifting and rejuvenating skin as results.

Price for Dr. Puttipong:  2 areas from lower lid to below jaw line: 150,000

1 area from lower lid to level of corner of the month or from corner of the mouth to below jaw line: 75,000

Price for other doctors: 2 areas: 120,000, 1 area: 60,000

  1. HIFU (High Intensity Focus Ultrasound) treatment. For those who are afraid of pain and needle.  HIFU is an alternative.  HIFU will stimulate and make skin tightening.  Lifting and tightening effects could be noticed within 2 weeks after treatment.

Price:  40,000

  1. Acne scar treatment with stamping and intradermal air dissection

This innovative technique to treat deep scar starts with high pressure air to release fibrosis and any adherence under the skin.  Then using skin stamp to make tiny opening on the skin to allow skin growth factor to penetrate to deep skin layer and then cool down the skin with -10 degree Celsius.

Price:  20,000/session

Price:  28,000/session with EGF (Epidermal growth factors)

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